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Progress Report Weeks 37-38

Lost My Way: Progress Report: Week 37-38

Progress Reports
December 4, 2017
Current Weight: 210 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -1 lbs / Total Weight change: 23.7 lbs Coming up to the nine-month mark on this journey and it’s fair to say I’ve hit a brick wall. So [...]
Progress Reports

Overtrained: Progress Report, Weeks 25 – 26

September 5, 2017
Current Weight: 218.8 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +4.3 lbs / Total Weight change: – 14.9 lbs After my last progress report where I said everything was going great and all I needed to do was [...]
Progress Reports

Back to Business: Progress Report, Weeks 23 – 24

August 21, 2017
Current Weight: 214.5 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -2.3 lb / Total Weight change: – 19.2 lbs Well, it’s back to business. Continuing to slowly drop weight this fortnight with a 2.3 lb weight loss. All [...]

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