Can’t Stick To A Diet: Perhaps our excuses hold the keys to success

Can't Stick To A Diet -
Can't Stick To A Diet -

For years I’ve blamed myself whenever I go off my meal plan. Recently I’ve come to realise that I’m not the one failing, the diets are. Its time to build a diet based on me and my lifestyle, not someone else’s. Here’s how I plan to do it.

As I sit here and write this I’m currently 66 lbs off of my goal weight. I’ve tried and failed countless times over the years to make healthy changes to my lifestyle. I’ve read the books, tried the programs and bought the supplements however I’ve never managed to make the changes needed for a significant amount of time, something always gets in the way.

The Blame Game

Throughout these repeated failures on different programs and methods, the one constant seems to be….me! Given this fact it’s no surprise that over the years I’ve fallen into the trap of blaming myself for not being able to stick to any of the wide range of diets that are out there. I’ve convinced myself that everyone else who has success somehow possesses iron willpower and that I’m somehow faulty in my own efforts. I’m sure I’m not alone in this counter productive behaviour.

 Using “yeah buts”

A few nights ago my wife and I were talking about all the things we’d like to do to start our journey. We both have a lot of experience of “starting Monday” so there were some pretty good things coming out of the conversation. We discussed meal preps, schedules diaries training days, rest days and all the other awesome tools available to the enthusiastic dieter.

The thing is that even as we were talking one phrase kept coming up time and again. “Yeah but.” We had a choice at this point, we could either ignore the “yeah buts” and carry on as we always had before, or accept that these issues were there and actually start to tackle them. What do you do if you can’t stick to a diet plan? You change the plan!

Building A Strategy With “Yeah buts”

With raising a family, work, blogging and trying to get in shape we’ve found that the one thing that keeps coming up time and time again is tiredness. “Want to go for a run after work?” “I would but I’m tired.” “Ready to do your meal prep?” “I would but it’s been a long day and I just need to rest.”

As a result, we decided before we get too into the actual training and nutrition the best thing we could do for ourselves would be to get strict with our rest. So now what I would have previously written off as a lack of fortitude on my part now seemed like the most obvious thing in the world. How can we possibly hope to overcome so many of our bad habits before we’ve given ourselves the energy to do so? So that’s where we are for the next couple of weeks. Sure, I want to eat relatively well, maybe get out for a run for the first time in years but first and foremost it’s about rest. It’s about catching up on whatever sleep I’ve missed and cementing some good rest habits that will serve me well in the coming months. Once I have these sleep habits locked in, I’ll move on to whatever else is causing me to say “yeah but” dealing with my barriers to success one at a time.

Final Point

While for me at this point a huge barrier seems to be getting enough rest, that may not be the case for you. The important thing is to not be so quick to write off whatever you feel is standing in your way. You’re not wrong or weak for feeling whatever it is that you’re feeling, the program is at fault for not taking your needs into consideration. Take those “yeah buts” that are standing in your way, embrace them as your own and turn them into a strategy that’s perfect for you!

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