Training Boredom: What to do when your program doesn’t spark a fire

James - Week 9 - Current Weight: 227.4 lbs - Total Weight Loss: 6.3 lbs

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Training Boredom -

I set myself a training program a couple of weeks ago and really haven’t engaged with it at all. I’ve been trying to get my head around what’s been going on and why I just don’t want to train.

Like so many times before when trying to make a lifestyle adjustment I entered into this one full of enthusiasm. I’d made the decision that I wanted to include training into my weight loss journey. I’d set some fundamental goals for myself and scheduled it so it could easily be incorporated into my current lifestyle. Despite all of this however, day one came for me to start on my shiny new training program and I just felt a little flat. While I’m definitely not a committed athlete in any form I’m not used to my enthusiasm dropping off quite so quickly, particularly when starting something new.

What went wrong

Looking over the program I think that while I’ve kept it nice and simple, it may actually be a little boring. I enjoy all of the lifts in there but there is no change to the norm and nothing particularly out of the ordinary for me. Since starting this whole thing I’ve been working so hard to keep everything as simple as possible that it never really occurred to me that I could oversimplify things to the point of boredom. I guess you could compare it to trying to just eat the same meal 3 times a day, while it may tick all the boxes nutritionally you’re never going to look forward to those meals. In addition to the oversimplified lifting part of part of the program I also grouped the core and mobility work into one long circuit, in hindsight I’m not really sure why I did that, as it just made that whole part of it a workout all of its own to be repeated over and over again.

Whats the answer

I’ve actually heard a number of fitness professionals I respect say that you shouldn’t program for yourself and I think maybe I’m starting to realise why. I’m inevitably going to be too hard or too soft on myself and its incredibly difficult to separate myself from the process.

I guess the answer’s pretty clear. I need to find a new training program that actually gets me excited to be in the gym, but that also can be sustained within my current lifestyle commitments. So that’s it, my next steps will be to look around for a program to start my journey. Once I’ve found one I’ll be sure to pop the details on here so you can see what my next steps are going to be.

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