Book recommendation: Fat Loss Happens On Monday, Dan John & Josh Hillis

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Recommendation: Fat Loss Happens on Monday -

Most champions are built by punch the clock workouts rather than extraordinary efforts – Dan John

Following my recent failed attempt at writing a program for myself I wanted to try to find a training program that was not only good quality, but also an approach  that stayed in line with our philosophy of keeping everything simple and reasonable. I’ve been aware of Dan John and Josh Hillis for some time having seen a lot of the great work they do within the industry but also through articles and interviews on podcasts such as TheFitCast. As a result Fat Loss Happens on Monday spoke to me as potentially a good fit for what I’m looking to achieve. I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and the information inside.

Key Points

What I like most about Fat Loss Happens on Monday is the fact it gives a very clear framework on how to approach diet and exercise. I was actually very surprised at how simple the authors manage to make the whole thing without coming across as lacking empathy. They also promote a reasonable approach in that an approach you cant stick to isn’t really worth anything. This means taking the morality out of your diet and exercise habits. So if you skip a gym day or over indulge at a meal time you haven’t done “bad” as such, it just is what it is. Just do your best and keep trying tighten things up.

They also don’t try to claim to have all the answers or make out they’re reinventing the wheel. In fact at numerous points throughout the book they openly quote other professionals. They also admit that there really isn’t just one approach that works, and that its about finding your own individual approach that works for you and the life you want to lead. As such Fat Loss Happens on Monday definitely falls outside of the fad diet category instead giving strategies you can employ for the long term on your health journey.


Its pretty hard to find any fault with Fat Loss Happens on Monday. The advice given is practical, clear and I feel can be incorporated into the vast majority of peoples lifestyles. The training program is a 12 week cycle that is challenging yet reasonable with some good progressions included to get you on your way.

All in all I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to implement lifelong changes to their exercise and nutrition habits.

Available from Amazon now: Fat Loss Happens on Monday

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