James Training Program, Take 2


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James Training Program 2 - FitnessWithFlaws.com

I’ve set up my second attempt at a training program, found an awesome facility in which to train and made all the adjustments I need to my schedule. Time to do the work!

Following my first attempt at a training program I’ve gone back to the drawing board and pulled together something that I’m genuinely looking forward to getting started on. The program itself is mostly taken from Fat Loss Happens On Monday with some slight tweaks based on my own preferences such as back squats and lying rows, I’ve also added in some mobility work as a part of my warm up. I plan on training three days a week mostly in the afternoons where work permits but also first thing in the morning as necessary.

diet; training; health; fitness;
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No training program is possible without a gym in which to train. I’m really happy to say I’ve found an amazing facility very close to where I work, Performance Hertfordshire. It has everything I could possibly need equipment wise, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. On top of all that the staff really know their stuff when it comes to strength and conditioning, as a result I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect place to train.

So, everything is in place. The plan is set, I’ve made appropriate adjustments to my work schedule to give me time to train and on days where this isn’t possible I’ve put plans in place to enable me to train first thing in the morning. The program itself has enough variation to keep me interested and is also suitably challenging, a particular challenge will the be burpees and skipping!!

I’ll keep you posted with my progress as I move through this program and will be taking some pictures / videos as I go in the hope they will one day be used to show how far I’ve come in my training journey.