Podcast recommendation: TheFitCast

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It would be genuinely difficult for me to find any other single resource that has been so influential on my approach to health and fitness as the TheFitCast. The podcast is recorded with good quality audio, features top quality guests and is presented in such a way that makes it incredibly accessible to anyone with an interest in cutting through the gimmicks and fads that exist in the health and fitness industry.

The Host

The TheFitCast is hosted and produced by a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach named Kevin Larrabee. He has spent many years working closely with some of the most well respected names in the industry and this professional understanding really comes across in the interviews. His style is conversational and friendly which makes you feel you are listening in to a casual chat between experts in the field. As a result the topics covered are wide ranging and take into account everything I as a listener would like to ask.

The Podcast

At time of writing the TheFitCast has spanned over ten years and contains just under 450 episodes making it a huge health and fitness resource. I’ve been a listener for a couple of years and barely listened to around half of the excellent content available. The early episodes feature co-hosts Leigh Peele and Jonathon Fass who are very accomplished in their fields of nutrition and physical rehabilitation respectively. The answer questions sent in by listeners and also cover current events and developments within the health and fitness industry.  Over the years and as the hosts contact list grows you can actually hear the content evolve from this informal set up to a more structured interview forma that features the former co-hosts from time to time giving updates on their projects and current outlook.

The show features top names within the industry who offer genuine insight into healthy methods and mindset when approaching health and well-being. Some personal favourite guests of mine that are definitely worth looking out for are Dan John, Molly Galbraith, Leigh Peele, Max Shank and Georgie Fear. To be honest that list could go on and on as there are a truly mind boggling amount of top quality guests and information featured on the show.

Finally the cost. While there is an option to become a supporter of the show where you will receive additional content the core offering is absolutely free.

Where Can I Find It

TheFitCast is available for free subscription and download through the iTunes Store, via your podcast app or direct from TheFitCast Network.