James Progress: Weeks 11 – 12, 15th May 2017 – 28th May 2017

James - Diet Week 13 - Current Weight: 222.6 lbs - Total Weight Loss: 11 lbs

nutrition breakdown; nutritional info; fitbit;
James Nutrition Breakdown, 1st May 2017 – 14th May 2017 - FitnessWithFlaws.com

Current Weight: 222.6 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -3.1 lbs / Total Weight change: -11 lbs

Three months in and feeling good!!

So this fortnight saw me introduce my fat loss training program and its certainly given me results with the best fortnightly weight loss since I started this journey. I’ve also broken the 16 stone mark weighing in at 15 st 12 lbs which is a fantastic feeling.

The first week went particularly well however the second week was difficult. Had lots of family commitments as my eldest went into hospital for a minor operation. It’s always family first above all else so I missed a gym session and there were some tough nights with little sleep and comfort food during the day. Alongside that I’ve had some annual leave from work and a birthday BBQ for my mum. That being said I’m still (mostly) finding balance.

The data provided in this and all other Progress Reports is collected using MyFitnessPal.com and a Fitbit Charge 2.

nutrition breakdown; nutritional info; fitbit;
James Nutrition Breakdown, 1st May 2017 – 14th May 2017 – FitnessWithFlaws.com


Very pleased with my weight loss this week and the diet has been mostly good. As I mentioned previously the second week was quite difficult but I’ve still managed to run a deficit overall.

One thing that I’ve found creeping in are cheat days. I used to really worry about these and thought they weren’t acceptable but I’m actually coming round to the idea. I’m planning on writing a whole post on these so won’t go into too much detail now but the bottom line is I think they’re fine provided they’re short lived and have a purpose.

My full food diary for this period can be viewed here:  James Food Diary, 15th May 2017 – 28th May 2017.

Training / exercise

Of all the weeks for me to start training this was probably the worst from the point of view of a clear schedule. Busy times at work and at home have meant that the schedule I planned for myself has been interrupted quite significantly. That being said I’ve still manged to get in a couple of really good sessions that I’m pleased with.

One area that I’ve struggled with is pull ups. I always knew they were going to be tough due to my weight and lack of training but I’ve definitely been caught off guard by how far I have to go to be able to perform this exercise well.

You know what though? I feel great. I’ve been a little sore but nothing too ridiculous and on the occasions where I’ve pushed myself I feel genuinely fired up for the whole day. It’s really shown in my weight loss too with my drop almost doubling over this period while still staying within reasonable standards.

Ongoing focus

Its pretty boring to say but I’m thinking right now it’s just a case of doing more of the same. I need to keep my cheat meals / cheat days in check but I think I’ve got a handle on them, I need to make sure I’m getting my rest and prepping my meals and I need to keep focused on getting to my training sessions and giving it my all when I’m there. I’m 3 lbs off of losing my first stone and pretty confident that if I keep on this path I’ll achieve that in no time.