James Progress: Weeks 13 – 14, 29th May 2017 – 11th June 2017

James - Diet Week 15 - Current Weight: 220.3 lbs - Total Weight Loss: 13 lbs

Very lucky to have seen a loss this week. My eldest was ill at the beginning of the fortnight which put me behind with sleep and instead of stepping back and taking time to catch up and put things right I slipped into old habits of trying to push through. As it has done a million times before once I sacrificed my rest the wheels were well and truly coming off by the end of the fortnight.

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James Nutrition Report – 29th May 2017 – 11th June 2017 – FitnessWithFlaws.com

In truth I’ve barely managed to cling on to some semblance of a decent diet over this fortnight.

The weight loss itself has been perfectly acceptable. Just over 2 lb in two week is very much in line with the targets I’d set myself and is now the 14th consecutive week showing a loss. The trouble is it’s really not been a clean win. I’ve not got adequate rest so my meal preps has got gradually worse as the days have progressed. I managed to stay on track the first week due to meals I had in freezer from weeks ago and any time I’ve overindulged (which has been regularly) I’ve managed to pull it back by eating lighter later in the day.

Simply put I’ve spent this fortnight riding the wave of the habits and efforts I’ve put in previously, rather than put in the work this week. I know 100% that this cant go on so on Saturday I took myself off to bed in the afternoon and on Sunday I had a pretty almighty blow out on food and then slept as soon as the kids were asleep.

My full food diary for this fortnight can be viewed here: James’s Food Diary 29th May 2017 – 11th June 2017

Training / exercise

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James Activity Report – 29th May 2017 – 11th June 2017

My sessions this fortnight have been…ok. I’ve got to the gym when I am supposed to and completed all of the sets and reps I set myself. That being said it’s been a struggle. I’ve felt demotivated, I’ve found it hard to drag myself through the gym doors and every set has felt like a chore.

I’m really looking forward to next week as I get to spend more time working on my pull up and push up variations however I know that without proper rest that enthusiasm will soon fall away.

Ongoing focus

Glaringly obvious where my focus needs to be this fortnight, REST! It’s funny that I’m 15 weeks and 13 lbs into my weight loss journey and here I am still having to give special attention and focus to the same thing that I felt was tripping me up in week 1. I’ve fallen back into the trap of using caffeine to keep myself going night after night when what I should be doing is taking myself off to bed for a good nights sleep.

So it’s back to basics for me this fortnight. Good food, plenty of water and plenty of rest and hopefully things can get back on track.