Stalled Weight Loss: Progress Report, Weeks 15 – 16

James Nutrition Report - 12th June 2017 - 25th June 2017 -

Current Weight: 221.3 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +1 lb / Total Weight change: – 12 lbs

Its been long time coming but for the first time since I started this journey my weight loss has stalled and over this period of time I’ve put on 1 lb. There are some other encouraging signs relating to lean mass and I believe overall I’ve maintained a deficit so I probably don’t need to freak out too much but I definitely need to go back to basics and get this thing back on track.

As ever the data provided in this and all other Progress Reports is collected using and a Fitbit Charge 2.


My full food diary for this fortnight can be viewed here: James Food Diary – 12th June 2017 – 25th June 2017

James Nutrition Report – 12th June 2017 – 25th June 2017 –

Really frustrated with myself and the way I’ve approached my diet this fortnight. If I’m honest I think I got cocky, I slacked on the meal prep and thrown stuff together at the last minute, I’ve bought over the counter food on the go and I’ve stopped following my own basic rules of meal prep. I probably did this for at least the first week and a half and only pulled it back around Wednesday of the second week.

What this has basically meant is that for the first half of this fortnight I’ve been caving in all over the place and generally been pretty miserable. The food I’ve been eating hasn’t been satisfying which has left me hungry immediately after. So I’ve just using all of my energy to stick to the diet through force of will alone. This is exactly how I used to try to diet in the past and exactly the reason I promised myself I’d take a more reasonable approach this time around.

It could be that I need to change things up a bit. However I can’t change my core plan, when I’m not adhering to my core plan. Therefore the focus for the next two weeks will be to clean everything up, prep those meals and keep the off plan stuff to an absolute minimum. If i’m still in this situation in a couple of weeks time then I’ll have to consider getting back to the drawing board.

Training / exercise

James Activity Report – 12th June 2017 – 25th June 2017

Love, love loving my current program! I’m feeling challenged but not overwhelmed and I’m slowly making progress in most of the lifts although still having a hard time learning pull ups. Love my new gym, the staff and athletes (they are ACTUALLY athletes) are friendly, inspirational and supportive. The routine is working pretty well and I’m getting my three sessions a week in, although on some of my higher volume days I do struggle to fit it all in over my lunch break. I’m currently coming to the end of my first four week cycle where I’ve been working on reps up to 12. From next week my rep ranges will jump up to 20 per set so I’m fully expecting to be in bits when it comes to things like the squats and deadlifts, well all of it actually.

I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m starting to put a little thought into what I might do when I’ve finished the full 12 week cycle. I could easily just repeat it again but do better which is an option or I might move on to something new. I’ll keep you in the loop as I decide though.

Weight / body composition

Ok this is where it all gets a little weird. As I’ve stated the scales are telling me that over the past two weeks I’ve gained 1 lb in bodyweight. Possible I guess given the fact I’ve struggled to stick to the plan. Whats a little crazy is that the scales are also telling me my bodyfat has dropped 3 percentage points. What that means in real terms is that according to the scales I’ve lost 5lbs of fat and added 6 lbs of lean mass in two weeks!! If only that was possible hey? If it was I’d be giving Arnie a run for his money in a few months. The fact is it IS wrong, simply because it’s just not really possible. My scale readings have obviously fluctuated in some way but its far more likely to be due to water or a digestive issue or even a false reading the fortnight before.

The take away point from this fortnights gain and the slightly odd readings from the scale is that my body has undergone some sort of strange shift and needs time to settle down. That’s another reason why in the short term I wont be looking to change anything up just yet.

Ongoing focus

Taking right back to the beginning this fortnight. I’ll restart monitoring the rules that I should aim for no more than 10% of my meals are allowed to be off plan and preparing as many of my meals in advance to give myself the best chance of compliance. Once this fortnight is up I’ll take another look and if I’m still stalling will look at making adjustments.