Reassess & Refocus: Progress report, weeks 17 – 18

Diet Week 19 - Current Weight: 220.1 lbs- Total Weight Loss: 13.6 lbs

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Progress Report - Weeks 17 - 18 - Header

Current Weight: 220.1 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -1 lb / Total Weight change: – 13.6 lbs

Well its confirmed, I’ve definitely hit a stall in my weight loss. I started off ok but if I’m honest I knew the stall had occurred long before I stepped on the scale. I knew all along it couldn’t be plain sailing all the way and I had a pretty good run. Time to reassess and push forward.

As ever the data provided in this and all other Progress Reports is collected using and a Fitbit Charge 2.


My full food diary for this fortnight can be viewed here: Food Diary, Weeks 17 – 18

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Nutrition Report, Weeks 17 – 18 –

Given that the weight loss has stalled I simply need to consume less. I’m still far from perfect with my compliance but believe it or not I’m actually ok with that, mostly because there are some pretty sizeable carb portions in there that I can cut down in a controlled way before I need to worry about my regular but not (I feel) excessive cheat meals that keep me sane when the diet is taking it’s toll. To that end I’m making a few small changes to my portion sizes for some of the carb based foods I eat regularly.

I work in an office with a microwave available and in the interest of convenience I’ve always bought in microwave rice that I can heat up and have with whatever protein source I’m having that day. This is great for convenience however each bag is actually two portions! From now on I’ll switching to pasta during and reducing the portion size down slightly. I’ve also decided to reduce the bread  intake at breakfast and will switch to medium instead of thick. Finally my favourite little cheat meal Corn Flakes, up to now I have a full 100 g which is frankly loads. From now on I’ll be cutting that down to 80 g as well.

I’ll make these changes over the next couple of weeks, see how I go and if need be adjust down further.

Training / exercise

Still loving my program however seeing as I’m making some changes to my nutrition I thought I’d make some minor adjustments to my program. I’ll still be sticking with the same movement pattern however due to time restraints caused by me training in my lunch hour I often struggle to get in any core or aerobic specific work in during the time available. As a result I’m going to try to add some extra training days that will focus purely on core and little light to medium cardio. This should also go some way to jump starting my progress and getting over this stall.

Ongoing focus

With the changes to my nutrition and training plans I hope that this will be enough to restart my progress towards my goals. The next two weeks I’ll be doubling down on my focus so I can be sure whether the changes I’ve made are successful or not.

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