5 Stages Of Stalled Weight Loss

Diet Week 19 - Current Weight: 220.1 lbs- Total Weight Loss: 13.6 lbs

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5 Stages Of Stalled Weight Loss - FitnessWithFlaws.com

Following my last progress report it’s become clear the I’ve hit a stall in my progress. This will now be four weeks that my weight loss has remained the same so I’ve given it plenty of time to sort itself out. Since my last weigh in I’ve been thinking a lot about the thought processes we go through when things grind to halt. To that end I give you…. The Five Stages Of Stalling On A Diet!!


I’m sure I’m not alone in that my initial thought was that something was wrong. After 14 weeks of consistent weight loss how could it be that I’ve suddenly not lost? “Pfft. Scales are broken, obviously!”. I won’t lie I actually tried to “stand lighter” (whatever the hell that is) to get what I considered to be a more accurate reading.


“This whole things stupid, nothing works, I’m just rubbish!” Oh the rage that I haven’t just been able to plod along my weight loss journey without a single hiccup. Never mind that I’m almost a stone lighter than when I first started and have developed decent eating habits for the first time in years. Nope it’s all deeply unfair that I should have to struggle in any way shape or form.


Honestly, I’ve spent the last fortnight pretty much convinced that I’ve had too much sodium causing water retention and missed a bowel movement (sorry!). I’ve genuinely convinced myself that If I could just drink enough water and have a well-timed espresso the whole situation would – ahem – “right itself”.


What a terrible and bleak world I live in where I find myself consuming too much food. The universe is against me and my goals with all this affordable calorie dense snacky goodness around me! I am of course being more than a little sarcastic here and its worth noting that while it is mildly inconvenient to have gone four weeks without progressing towards my weight loss goals, I’m still incredibly fortunate to be in a situation where that is even a problem.


Getting a little serious for a moment the way we handle this final phase of accepting the fact we have stalled is where the difference between success and failure lies. There are two ways you can take this. I accept my stall, this isn’t going to work or I accept my stall, time to hold my progress and re-assess. The latter of these two options is definitely the preferred option.

Very rarely is a weight loss line perfectly straight down all the way and I would say that’s doubly so if you’re making small and permanent changes to your lifestyle. This is because you make adjustments, ride that weight loss wave until it stops. Then make further adjustments and get going again, you continue to do this right the way down to your target weight. So don’t be disheartened by a blip along the way, because the changes you’re making are permanent and its unlikely you’ll ever need to do it again.

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