The Post-holiday Post: Progress Report, Weeks 19 – 22


Header - Progress Report Weeks 19 - 22
Header - Progress Report Weeks 19 - 22

Current Weight: 216.8 lbs / Four Week Weight Change -3 lb / Total Weight change: – 17 lbs

Back now after a well deserved week in Spain with the family and two weeks off of tracking, training & dieting. Not going to lie I went a little crazy eating a ton of delicious food while away. But hey. Life’s too short to miss out on amazing food in the gorgeous sunshine once in a while!

As ever the data provided in this and all other Progress Reports has been collected using and a Fitbit Charge 2.


My full food diary for this fortnight can be viewed here: Food diary, Weeks 19 – 22

First two weeks of this four week period were pretty standard and I tracked everything as I should.

spain, spanish doughnuts; doughnut;
Worth the trip just for these!

However, the amount I ate on holiday was genuinely obscene! Restaurants most nights and BBQ insanity most days. Starters, large mains, then hoovering up whatever the kids didn’t eat.

Finally, they sell these doughnuts in all of the supermarkets over there that are frankly ridiculously tasty so I ended up having a few of those a day too.

Anyway. That was my Spanish diet.

The week I came back was ok but a little snacky. Still, I wanted to get well rested and so haven’t tracked during this period either.


The weeks before my holiday my program was going fine. I’ve added a couple of active recovery days in so I’m now training five days a week instead of three. The extra two I do some core work and 20 minutes of sprint work on the treadmill. I’m not pushing myself particularly hard in these sessions as the main purpose really is just to get me out from behind my desk and moving.

Ongoing focus

After the break, I’m feeling good. Looking forward to dropping some more weight over the coming weeks and months and gradually achieving my goals.

I’ve also made a few decisions about the site and social media channels that I won’t go into too many details here. Save to say I’m hoping to produce more content that is relevant in helping our growing community reach its goals.

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