Overtrained: Progress Report, Weeks 25 – 26

Progress report, Weeks 25-26 - FitnessWithFlaws.com
Progress report, Weeks 25-26 - FitnessWithFlaws.com

Current Weight: 218.8 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +4.3 lbs / Total Weight change: – 14.9 lbs

After my last progress report where I said everything was going great and all I needed to do was more of the same. The wheels have well and truly fallen off this fortnight. So much so that I’m not going to follow the usual format. I’m simply going to give an account of the weeks and discuss where I find myself now.

You can still view my full food diary here: Food Diary – 21-08-2017 – 03-09-2017

Poor training adjustments

So I’d finished my last progress update and felt ready to continue on my weight loss journey. However, in my naivety, I see now that I was missing signs that trouble was definitely on the horizon.

in case you’re not aware, I was previously training three times a week and eating pretty substantial diet. I had lost weight consistently but eventually stalled. At this point, I reviewed my food diary and made some cuts to my carb intake.

All good right?

Well, it would have been if I’d have taken my own advice and left it at that for a couple of weeks to see how it settled in. Instead, I grew impatient and also decided to add in two “active rest” days in between my regular training days.

Still, not too bad?

Of course, these active rest days have evolved into anything but rest. Instead of being days of brisk walking or maybe some stretching. I’ve turned them into core sessions followed by interval treadmill sprints, that is not resting.

Instead of being days of brisk walking or maybe some stretching. I’ve turned them into core sessions followed by interval treadmill sprints, that is not resting. Let me briefly explain what that means for my body…

I’m relatively untrained and overweight, fine. An issue with being overweight is the additional stress it puts on the joints. As a result, while there’s no need to avoid exercise completely, pretty good advice is to try to keep high impact exercises. This includes pretty much anything where your feet or joints slam into the floor.

Now, while there are other exercises in my sessions. Let’s look at a standard weeks training purely from that perspective:

  • Monday – Skipping, deadlifts
  • Tuesday – Interval sprints
  • Wednesday – Skipping, Squats
  • Thursday – Interval sprints
  • Friday – More skipping, more deadlifts 
  • I should also note I’d added sets of 10 hops to my skipping program essentially doubling the force of impact on my knees and ankles.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that I was heading for problems. I’ve reduced my calorie intake and increased my training and done so in such a way that is putting unnecessary strain on my untrained joints.

As expected after a few weeks of this, I’ve gone to the gym and felt twinges of pain all around my knees, shins and ankles. After stretching it out it just wasn’t shifting. Still, being the dedicated fella I am I persevered. I managed to push through my workouts missing just one sprint session. However, I finished the week limping and hobbling and barely able to move.

Not good!

The impact on nutrition

So my training increased and intake decreased. What suffered? Compliance of course!

I’ve covered this a million times before but feeling tired and run down while trying to maintain an overly restrictive calorie deficit is a recipe for disaster. My snacking increased and I completely lost track of my intake for the first week. For the second week, I managed to track what I was eating but ate pretty terribly.

The result of all of this? At my weigh-in I showed a full 4 lbs heavier than I was two weeks ago. I know a lot of that weight will be water retention from the poor quality foods as well as other food still in my system as I finished eating late the night before so I’m confident a significant amount will drop off quickly. Something still needs to be done.

What next

Once again it’s back to basics.

I’m going to keep my calories in their reduced state but also stop training on the Tuesday and Thursday to give myself adequate rest. Finally, I’ll be revisiting my sleeping habits and get some early nights because, well, when things go wrong that’s always the first place we should look.

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