20lbs lost and No Longer Obese: Progress Report, Weeks 27 – 28

Progress Report Weeks 27 - 28

Current Weight: 213.6 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -5.3 lbs / Total Weight change: – 20.1 lbs

It’s been a roller coaster fortnight on my weight loss journey. I didn’t get off to the best of starts but this week ultimately finished up with me hitting some great milestones.

Full food diary available at: Food Diary – 04-09-17 – 17-09-17

20 lbs Lost & No longer obese!

Yep, that’s right. This week my BMI finally dipped below the 30 mark meaning I no longer fall into the category of obese.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much at the top of the overweight category but still, yay me!!

That small victory is the result of me now losing over 20 lbs. This coupled with the fact I quit drinking and smoking 18 months ago, and that I now exercise at least 3 times a week means that my health and fitness lifestyle has dramatically improved!

100kg Deadlift

I’ve been taking it purposefully, almost frustratingly slow since starting my training programme.

More importantly than anything else I’ve wanted to avoid injury and also avoid making my training program a negative experience in any way.

So after months of working on form and very slowly building up, I pulled my first 100 kg deadlift. I know its a not an especially great lift, particularly given my size but its a benchmark reached nonetheless. I wanted to get the 120 kg but my grip was failing pretty

I wanted to get the 120 kg but my grip was failing pretty early on so decided to settle at 100 kg for this six-week cycle.

Forward focus

I really need to work on my “off days”. There’s nothing wrong with cheat meals but they really need to be quite specific and aimed at a particular goal or outcome.

Increasingly I’ve been using cheat meals (or cheat days) as an excuse to gorge myself on all sorts of unhelpful foods. I could really do with getting it in check.

I know I’ve talked about it a million times before but it’s always worse when I’m not getting enough sleep. To that end, I’m going try to cut down on my caffeine consumption and see if that helps with my sleep patterns. My hope is that this will indirectly help me to keep a check on how far I go off track.

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