Lost 8 inches from my waist: Progress Report Weeks 29 -30

Progress Report Week 29 - 30 - Header
Progress Report Week 29 - 30

Current Weight: 21.8 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -2 lbs / Total Weight change: –22.9 lbs

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’ve made a few changes to my diet, cut down on the caffeine and gone right back to basics focusing on my rest and recovery.

Still a long way to go but now lost 8 inches from my waist. 💪#smallvictories

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Finally, I measured my waist for the first time in months and realised I’ve now lost a full 8 inches from my stomach!! Yay me!

You can view my full food diary at James’ Food Diary Weeks 29 – 30


My progress over the past few weeks has started to get a little bumpy. As a result, I felt it right to change things up a little.

My breakfasts and lunches tend to be pretty standard each day. Three boiled egg and toast for breakfast and chicken and pasta salad for lunch.

Over the months I’ve gradually cut the toast down in my breakfast from two thick slices, to two medium, then one thick slice. This week I’ve trimmed that down further to one medium slice of toast with the three boiled eggs.

Similarly I originally started with 100g of pasta in my salad and have slowly cut that back to 80g, then 60g. I’ve now dropped that right back to 40g of pasta.

This has shaved a few more carbs and calories off of my intake which I expect will give another boost to my weight loss.

In addition to all this I’ve finally started to make some progress on my snack heavy weekends now limiting them to just Sundays. Even those have started to feel a little pointless, as the lower quality food just makes me feel a little rough.

Still, I’m not quite ready to give up my little cheat days just yet.


There’s not really huge amounts to report back on this side of things.

Training is progressing well, I’m sticking to my sessions and really enjoying them. Plus I’m slowly getting stronger in all of my lifts.

I guess my only concern going forward is that my gym is on a university campus and so is likely to get very busy in the coming weeks and months.

That being said I feel like I’m in a good place with what I’m doing and the training habit feels ingrained enough to stick with it when it gets a little rocky.


You may or may not know I’m studying to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. I’ve not been able to move things forward for a while due to work commitments. That’s all calming down in the next few weeks so I’ll be able to start making some real progress on that front.

To that end I’ve just completed my case studies for my Nutrition and Weight Management course and should have this submitted in the next few days. Awesome! Alongside that I’m also getting prepared for my first set of level 2 gym instructor exams in November. Good times a coming!

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