Struggling to maintain: Progress Report Weeks 31 – 32

Progress Report - Weeks 31 - 32
Progress Report - Weeks 31 - 32

Current Weight: 211.3 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +0.5 lbs / Total Weight change: –22.4 lbs

The only way I can describe this last couple of weeks would be to say, I’m tired.

Work is moving into a busy period and my kids, my wife and I have all been ill at one time or another meaning that quite simply I’m at a bit of a low point.

I’m tired physically with increasing aches and pains, and I’m emotionally tired trying to balance everything out in my personal, professional and new fitness life.

I’ve basically decided to take a break and considered not posting an update for this period.

With all that said, I started this blog and this website to give a full and honest account of the ups and downs, not just the perfect successes.

So here goes.

As ever you can view my full food diary at James’ Food Diary Weeks 31 – 32


I’ve struggled this fortnight to maintain any sort of reasonable diet. I’ve been eating (mostly) the same sort of comfort foods and haven’t slipped into any terrible habits of old but through illness, and just life, I’ve found it difficult to keep on track with everything.

As I mentioned before rather than try to fight it. I’m rolling with it, taking a break and planning on coming back stronger and more motivated in a couple of weeks.


Training has suffered in the same way my diet has suffered, life and circumstance has got in the way.

I train in a university gym and with the start of the new term the gym is particularly busy. This means that it’s been difficult to get through my workout in my limited lunch hour.

I’ve also been going through the busiest time of the year in my day job adding more resistance to my ability to hold on to routine.

You can call it excuses, laziness, lack of commitment or whatever you want but everyone has a tipping point where the gym will start to take a back seat.

I’ve reached my tipping point this fortnight and rather than beat myself up or try to fight the situation, I’ve rolled with it and declared a little break.

Two weeks off, no regrets come back stronger!

My training plan is also adjusted for a phased reintroduction once the process starts up again in a weeks time.

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