When Friends Notice The Change: Progress report, week 33 – 34

Progress Report Weeks 33-34
Progress Report Weeks 33-34

Current Weight: 209.2 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -2 lbs / Total Weight change: –24.5 lbs

You can view my full food diary at: Food Diary Weeks 33-34

So the diets back on track, another two-pound loss. Yay!

Whats also awesome is I had an event at work where we were assigned branded T-shirts. Six months ago at a similar event, I embarrassingly couldn’t wear the same t-shirts as everyone else because none of the sizes even remotely fit.

This might not seem like much but this is the type of situation, where your weight causes you to sit outside of the norm, that can really affect your self-esteem. I’m pleased to say this time around the shirt was actually very comfortable.

Alongside that, a ton of my colleagues have suddenly noticed the weight loss. Cue lots of encouraging comments and a general feeling of achievement.


There’s not a huge amount to report for this fortnight.

I’ve had some good days, I’ve had some bad days. Ultimately though I’ve been eating to my activity, so as I’ve had a ton of events at work, I’ve been able to eat a little more and still maintain a deficit resulting in a loss over the fortnight.


All going well. Hoping to hit my target of 120 kg deadlift and 80 kg backsquat for sets of 12 by Christmas. that would put me at roughly 1x target bodyweight for the squat and 1.5 for deadlift.

Once I’ve hit that point there’s a few bodyweight targets I want to work on specifically push ups dips and pullups.


Passed my first course of many. Nutrition & Weight Management. Gym instructor course in two weeks and many more to come…. 2018 is going to be awesome!!!

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Received a pass for my Nutrition and Weight Management Qualification meaning I’m now free to go ahead and start offering advice to clients. It’s not something I’m looking to move into straight away but watch this space…

Finally, I’ve got my first set of exams that contributes to my personal training qualification coming up next week. Finding the whole process both challenging and interesting.

As with the nutrition course, I’m not planning on moving into PT work just yet but this is definitely something I’ll be interested in exploring in 2018.

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