Success Is A Wavy Line: Progress report, weeks 35-36

Progress report, Weeks 35-36 - Header
Progress report, Weeks 35-36

Current Weight: 211 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +1.8 lbs / Total Weight change: 211 lbs

Aside from a linear path at the very beginning of my journey, there seems to be a regular pattern developing of a few weeks of weight-loss, followed by a blip, followed by continued weight-loss.

While I’m not overly concerned, it has prompted me to take a deeper look at my eating habits to see where I can make improvements.

As ever my full fortnight’s food diary can be found here: Food diary, week 35-36


The struggle continues.

First off, I want to talk about my general day-to-day eating habits. In the past the first place I’ve looked to cut down has always been from my carb intake. If I can avoid it I don’t really want to cut back any further as, while it’s far from what many would call low-carb, I feel there’s already not a huge amount in my diet. So I need to look in in other areas and there are a couple of glaringly obvious places.

  • Breakfast: Every day with my first meal of the day I have a probiotic and a glass of grapefruit juice. It actually only just occurred to me that that’s a lot of sugar! The probiotic alone has 11 g, plus roughly the same again for the fruit juice. As a result, I’ve decided to remove them from my diet. My gut health seems pretty good and if that changes in the future I can always reintroduce pro-biotics. As for the grapefruit juice, sure its one of my five-a-day but there’s simply far better ways to tick that box than with fruit juice.
  • Added fats: I add Olive Oil to pretty much every meal. Sure it’s a better choice of fats than most, and it always served me well from the perspective of compliance and satiety, but I’m moving along in my journey and the time has come to stop adding fat to every meal.
  • Cheat days: I wholeheartedly believe in cheat- meals, cheat-days and even periods of a week or two where you don’t worry about an energy deficit. That being said I feel like mine has gone out of control lately. There are weeks where I’m probably only 100% compliant maybe three out of seven days. In the beginning that probably wasn’t such a big deal but my body is changing, the weight loss is becoming harder won, and I’ve got to start upping my game if I want to continue to see progress.

That pretty much sums up my plans for the next two weeks with regard to food. I’ll be slowly, bit by bit introducing the changes I’ve suggested and will, of course, record it all in my food diary for you to see.


Training is ticking on incredibly well. My main lifts are slowly going up still on track to hit my PB target by Christmas so all looking good. But…


I struggle with pull-ups. I’ve recently started to do some work on the cable pull down to try to drive this along but I just don’t feel any progress is being made on that front. I’m trying to not lose my mind too much over it as I’m making good progress on everything else but come the new year once I’ve embedded my squat and deadlift improvements this will definitely be an area where I will give some focus. TBC…

What else…

Study is going very well. Attended a three-day workshop towards my the instructor qualification, which is the foundation level towards a full Personal Trainer qualification.

The whole thing was super interesting (and super tiring), pretty much spent three days either learning or doing light exercise.

Met some great people too, all budding PTs on a different path to qualification for different reasons with different motivations. Quite inspiring to hear all of the stories, some not completely dissimilar to my own.

During the course, I had to take four exams which I passed comfortably, and have also laid the groundwork for a practical assessment in December after which time I’ll qualify for REPs registration and be a qualified gym instructor. I’m all booked on to complete my Personal Trainer qualification in March next year, so 2018 is shaping up to be very interesting indeed.


One last thing before I sign off. The site is slowly getting more and more hits, and if you’re reading this, I just want to say I genuinely appreciate the fact that you give me some of your time to read through these posts. The community is small but growing daily, and it’s amazing to be able to share this journey with you so thank you.

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