Lost My Way: Progress Report: Week 37-38

Progress Report Weeks 37-38

Current Weight: 210 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change -1 lbs / Total Weight change: 23.7 lbs

Coming up to the nine-month mark on this journey and it’s fair to say I’ve hit a brick wall. So much so that I feel the time has come for me to take a little break to reconnect with what I want to achieve and how I want to do it.

Before I go on and this post turns into a whine-fest of all the different areas, I’m missing my goals, its far from all bad. I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m feeling more confident in my body than I have for years. I’m now a qualified Nutrition Consultant, so I’ve made fantastic progress on my journey to help people who have the same struggles I have, and I’m more settled with my healthier lifestyle. All jolly good stuff.


I’ve not made any significant weight loss progress in nearly two months. The work I’m doing at the gym is no longer going the way I want it to, and to top it all off I received a referral following one of my PT exams meaning I have to resit. Not ideal….

PT In Progress

Let’s deal with my studies first of all.

To explain, the part of my course I’m currently studying allows me to train clients in a gym environment. There are three parts to the qualification:

  • Exams, (2 written, 2 multiple choice) – Passed
  • Written Training Portfolio – Passed
  • Practical client assessment – Referred (retake)

The referral I got for the practical was because of a silly mistake I made in one of the demonstrations, and if I’m honest, I made a mistake because of a lack of preparation on my part. No one to blame but myself.

The rest of the test went well, and it won’t hold anything up. I just need to retake that part, not make the silly mistake again and then all will be good. Usually, I could just brush it off and move on, but it’s not an isolated oversight…..


I’m still enjoying my training, I’m not far off 100% consistent and I feel I push myself enough in the sessions. But I’ve picked up some bad habits that I’m not proud of.

To prepare my portfolio I’ve had to write short guides for around 35 individual stretches and exercises, with teaching points. Writing it got me thinking, I don’t really follow the advice given for lifting.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not the worst, but I lock out my arms (or legs) on most exercises. I overextend my shoulder blades all the time and I don’t think I pay enough attention to posture before a lift.

When I started training I made a commitment to myself that whatever exercise I was doing, I would always make sure I could perform it gracefully and with perfect form. If I couldn’t, I would regress the movement. Now here I am six months later falling into the same traps as everyone else throwing barbells around and, surprise surprise, stalling on my progress.


I don’t believe in restrictive diets that demonize a particular type of food group. I don’t think they work and I think they contribute to some of the problems we have with over-consumption.

That being said I’ve slipped. What started off as a reasonable approach has somehow spiralled into “have as many bad nights as you want and hope for the best.” This isn’t what I set out to do when I started the site.

I haven’t lied, all of my food diaries are accurate. But they don’t read like a trained Nutrition Consultant who is on a weight loss journey. They read like someone who had such terrible habits to begin with, that a few little changes made a substantial (2 stone 4 lb) difference.

But the game isn’t over yet, and I need to figure out how to move things along to the next level.

What next

In the past, this would be the part where I’d say I’ll look at it in the new year when I’m more motivated. Six months later the new year is a distant memory and I’m right back where I started!

Not this time.

I need to reaffirm my goals then take a close look at my health habits and see if the two align. Where they don’t, I need to look to see how I can bring the two closer together. I’ll be taking four weeks out from posting updates while I audit all of my habits and come up with some solutions that can take me to the next level in my training, nutrition and studies.

I need a short break I have no intention of staying out for too long or of allowing the progress I’ve made to be lost. Down, but far from out!

If you are reading this, I look forward to touching base again just before the new year. I appreciate everyone I’ve met over email and through social media you are all a massive motivator for me to keep making improvements. So thank you.

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