What are my goals: Progress Report: Week 43-44

Think about your goals?

Current Weight: 209.5 lbs / Fortnight Weight Change +2.4 lbs / Total Weight change: -24.2 lb

I’ve been hampered with a flu like cold for what we’ve seen of 2018. As a result, I’ve only had one training session so far this year….rubbish!

Add to that a scare with my eldest leading to a couple of days in hospital (he’s thankfully fine) and the result is, not much time to focus on achieving my health goals.

I’ve done a lot of sleeping & eating. But mostly I’ve been thinking about all of the awesome things I’m going to achieve with my health in 2018 when I’m back feeling good again.

In doing so it occurred to me that in the almost one year since starting I’ve never clearly stated on this site what my goals are, aside from weight loss. While there’s nothing with weight loss being the sole aim there’s a little more to my own aspirations.

As such in this progress report, seeing as there’s very little to report on what I’ve actually done, I thought I’d state a little more clearly my intentions with my journey.

The goals

These fitness standards are based on what the one rep max of an individual who undergoes a fair bit of training and who is relatively in shape.

BMI – Somewhere towards the top of the 20 – 25 scale, for my height this puts me somewhere around 175 lb (79 kg)

Deadlift – 2.5 x target bodyweight (200 kg)

Squat – 2 x target bodyweight – (160 kg)

Pull-ups – weighted with 0.5 bodyweight (40kg)

Press-ups – Weighted with 0.5 bodyweight (40kg)

Run – 10k in under an hour

Become a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant

While none of these targets are especially impressive, particularly to a seasoned powerlifter, I feel they are good enough to provide a decent all round level of fitness.

I don’t want to be elite in a specific area, I’m happy simply aiming for above average in most things. I’m just seeking a healthy, happy life.

Making progress

Because the goals are so broad and cover so many areas, it’s surprisingly easy to make progress. For instance when my weight loss had stalled for a time, the weights I was lifting had gone up, and when I’m unable to train or diet because of ill health, well I can always study.

There is always some kind of growth or progress to be made.

So what’s the downside?

Progress is slow, very slow.

While there are victories to be had every week, even every day. I’m without that drastic transformation that we so often crave.

For instance I’m eating too little to see huge leaps in the weight I’m moving, and a little too much to see the weight fly off.

That being said my progress is consistent, almost relentless in fact.

So on balance, I’m happy.

What about you?

What about your goals? Do you like to keep them broad, or quite specific?